I am passionate about teaching and approach pedagogy through the lens that while the majority of my students will not pursue research or doctoral studies in economics, all can benefit from incorporating economic insights and methodologies in their fields of study and future careers.

I have four semesters of teaching experience at UC Berkeley: two semesters each of being a teaching assistant for Using Economics for Public Policy and for undergraduate Econometrics. I chose these classes because I thought they spanned the range of courses that I may be called upon to teach in the future. In Using Economics for Public Policy, the emphasis was on economic intuition and evaluating research designs for causality and external validity, with very little math required, whereas in Econometrics, the emphasis was on formal derivations and proofs of econometric concepts. The first time I taught Using Economics for Public Policy was also the first time the course was being taught, and I worked closely with the instructor to create section materials that complemented and extended the material presented in lecture.


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